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Gerald Charles Designs

April 2001

Gerald Charles Designs - Press Release


On the eve of the third Millenary a new adventure starts for the famous watchmaker Gérald Genta.

At the end of March the well-known designer launches the first models of his new brand: GERALD CHARLES. The choice of his two Christian names was no hazard for somebody who has always considered creation as an intensely personal exercise and it would have been impossible for him to call his new productions with a name bearing no relation to himself.

These last years for various reasons he had to try and curb his creative nature but it was obvious that the designer who is at the origin of so many famous watches for so many brands could not stop there. He is enjoying his new freedom of expression and is happy to service again the watch collectors all over the world who have enjoyed his creations for so many years.

The first line of the GERALD CHARLES brand bears an evocative name: the RENAISSANCE LINE. It describes perfectly this collection entirely designed in a very modern way, definitely turning to the future. These watches are conceived to be a bolder expression of the soft line which Mr Genta has always been particularly fond of.
They exist in different versions, for ladies and gentlemen, in steel, steel and diamonds as well as in precious metal. Full of originality they nevertheless respect the purity of design and the search for perfection which has always been the trademark of all his creations.
As he has always done he has brought particular care to the beauty of the dials which remain the face and the signature of a watch. Moreover a very unusual set of pens completes the Renaissance line.

Each one fo these new creations is therefore proof that the precursor of watch design and the creator of so many historic models continues to consider himself apart form the normal world of watchaking. He much prefers the idea of himself as an artist who applies art to the field of watches.

When he brough back perpetual calendars the Italian press hailed him as the man who “wanted to catch the moon”. He is still the same man today and there is a lot to bet that he will again disrupt the anthill of watchmaking design and start a new trend.