Sector Sport Watches

January 2001

Sector Sport Watches after splitting its No Limit concept

During the past 10 years, the concept Sector No Limits has successfully been linked to sports and athletes of the extreme. Mike Horn, who grew to fame in 2000 as the first man to achieve a Latitude 0° world tour - and whose exploits are online as News on our Website, is a member of the Sector team, as well as flysurfer Manu Bertin.
The brand however has decided to revise its structure and will present the results of this revision during the oncoming Basel Show. For the time being, a new orientation is being established, as indicated by a new marketing campaign no longer focused on athletes in action, but on watches as sole advertising element.
Sector, one might say, is undone by its success. Over the past years, the brand image was so booming that the initial marketing slogan No Limits became a line of sportswear, outshining the sports watches.
Officially, the Company announces that in order to achieve better flexibility and avoid confusion between its products the Sector Group is to split Sector No Limits into Sector Sport Watches and No Limits (which will continue to market sportswear and sports accessories).
The Sector restructuring will moreover influence the brand's sponsoring policy as several athletes of the extreme will no longer see their projects financed by Sector.