Calcio Swiss unites watches and football

January 2001

Calcio Swiss brings together watches and football

Uniting football and watches: this is the Calcio Swiss Company's aim since its launch in 1998, following the idea that football fans will be enthusiastic wearers of their team's watch.
The company, located in Sion, Switzerland, produces and assembles watches as a tribute to the football world. For instance, the design features a crown based on a football boot stud, a rotating bezel shows the time left to play, the strap is woven in the club's colours, etc.
Behind the concept stand three men. Victor Bruzzo, head of Indtec, Yves Balet, former vice president of the Sion Football Club and Marc-AndrÉ Glassey combined their passion for the football game with a definite expertise in the watch industry. Consequently, 150.000 watch pieces were sold in 1999, 300.000 in 2000 and 2001 opens with a forecast of 500.000 pieces.

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