Catamaran Scuderia

February 2002


Catamaran Swiss Watches has created and manufactured several watches for sports over the years, but never before a watch was designed and studied inside a wind tunnel (technique used in car manufacturing to develop the aerodynamic), with the “Scuderia” collection Catamaran Swiss Watches has reached a new step in watch making. This watch was so carefully tested to understand the Air Flow that the result is astonishing, with just the movement of the arm when doing sport, its user will feel fresh air running around its wrist that will make the watch extremely comfortable to wear.

This watch is available jewelry and watch stores around the world and can also be purchased on the “e-shop”

Technical specification

- Air tunnel in the case to cool off the wrist

- Available for gents and ladies

- Swiss Quartz movement

- Display by means of hands: hour, minute and second

- Date in window at 3H

- Water resistant to 100m (330ft)

- Stainless steel case

- High resistant crystal

- Dial with luminous indexes for night reading

- Water resistant leather strap available in 7 colors

- Dials available in 6 different colors

- Stainless steel bracelet with double safety and diving extension

- World wide warranty


Source: Catamaran Press Release
February 2002