New IceLink Boutique in Los Angeles

December 2011

The new flagship boutique embodies the true architectural style of Southern California. Famed Spanish interior designer from Ars Spatium, Ujo Pallarés, created the space playing with light contrast, colour, texture, size and contours to grab the eye of even the most fashion-savvy Los Angeles consumers.

Featuring mahogany wood floors and an open-air floor plan, the multi-level space provides the perfect, chic setting to display IceLink’s statement pieces.

New IceLink Boutique in Los Angeles

The expansive 1,300 square foot first floor will incorporate live models into the two large-scale shop windows showcasing a selection of pieces in an interactive, live environment.

New IceLink Boutique in Los Angeles

The second level features panoramic balconies that will not only offer shoppers stunning views of Melrose Avenue, but also provide the perfect space to entertain influencers and fashion insiders alike with an exterior bar and lounge area. The tranquil space will be adorned with trees and plush interior furnishings which will be a lifestyle destination for hosting cocktail receptions, private dinners and viewing parties.

IceLink Boutique, 666 North Kilkea Drive, CA 90048, Los Angeles, USA