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JeanRichard arrives in Xi’an, China

January 2014

JeanRichard celebrated the new year with a new presence at the Harmony World Watch Centre in Xi’an, China that was announced together with famous actor Xia Yu, a friend of the brand.

The brand brings its philosophy of life to the ancient emperor city that has over a thousand years of history, with complex cultural roots and abundant historical relics and artifacts. It is JeanRichard’s second new image store within the Harmony group.

The new JeanRichard boutique at the Harmony World Watch Centre in Xi'an
The new JeanRichard boutique at the Harmony World Watch Centre in Xi’an

The theme of enthusiasm and philosophy of life was highlighted at the event and in this new chapter in the story of JeanRichard and Xia Yu. Xia Yu is in the spotlight thanks to his excellent acting and because he is the laureate of the Top Six Movie Kings, namely, the Venice International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, Golden Horse Award, Golden Rooster Award, China Film Society of Performing Art Award, and Beijing Student Film Festival. But he is also a skilled skateboarder, snowboarder and surfer and his love of exploration makes him the perfect fit with the JeanRichard brand, which relies heavily on the idea of discovery, adventure and exploration as part of its brand image.