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Dubai Watch Week: the show inspiring other shows


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February 2020

Dubai Watch Week: the show inspiring other shows

For the first time, Rolex has taken part in a trade show other than Baselworld, showing a retrospective of the Submariner at Dubai Watch Week. Organised every two years by the principal retailer in the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, this educative and cultural platform, open to all, removes the pressure of immediate sales and instead celebrates the human aspect of watchmaking. Now, numerous other trade shows are seeking to reproduce this experience.


t a time when everyone is trying to think up new formats to transmit the passion for watches to the public at large, part of the recipe for doing so has perhaps been found in Dubai. Of course, passion means “sales” at the end of the day, but the organisers of Dubai Watch Week have come to understand that a purely commercial event runs the risk of being counterproductive. Their calculation is that by transmitting the cultural and technical values peculiar to horology, they will build a strong watchmaking culture over the long term.

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