GPHG: Discover the new faces of the 2023 Academy

March 2023

GPHG: Discover the new faces of the 2023 Academy

New members are joining the GPHG Academy this year, bringing the total number of members worldwide to 827. The 2023 cohort also includes 35 young people aged 25 and under.


his year, the GPHG wanted to open up the Academy to the vibrancy of youth by creating a college dedicated to young people under 26, embodying a wealth of new talent and fresh perspectives. After this age, they will join their peers in one of the seven other colleges1 of the Academy, according to their specific characteristics.

The GPHG Academy (see the list of members here) decides on the nomination of timepieces in competition and, alongside the Jury, selects the year’s winners, awarding them the prizes so eagerly awaited by the profession. The Academy will be invited to propose eligible models from the end of March. Submissions will be open to brands from May 2023.

All the Academy members, who believe in watchmaking’s community of common destiny, will take part in the various stages of the selection process from April onwards, starting with a phase of proposals of models likely to compete, followed – as soon as the brands’ submissions have been approved – by an initial vote to determine the nominations.

Academy members will vote digitally a second time in October in order to participate in the choice of the winners. In parallel, the Jury composed of 30 members also from the Academy (15 people drawn by lot by a notary and 15 people chosen by the President of the Jury and the GPHG) will meet behind closed doors in Geneva to physically evaluate the competing timepieces.

The electronic votes of the Academy added to those of the Jury will determine the prestigious prize list which will be revealed in Geneva on 9 November at the 23rd GPHG Awards Ceremony.


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