Rebecca Struthers: preserving heritage skills


November 2023

Rebecca Struthers: preserving heritage skills

The GPHG Academy is a globally representative body whose members include master watchmakers from around the world. Among them is British watchmaker Dr. Rebecca Struthers.


orn and raised in Birmingham, England, Rebecca Struthers was 17 when, in 2003, she began training as a jeweller and silversmith. Two years later she turned to watchmaking as a way to combine her passion for craft with her interest in science and technology.

In 2012, she and her husband Craig, also a watchmaker, set up their own studio and workshop. She began by restoring antique and vintage timepieces, working on an eighteenth-century pocket watch one day, a 1960s wristwatch the next.

Her reputation grew until, a few years later, the Struthers decided to scale back repair services so that they could focus on making their own timepieces. “As restorers, we’d handcrafted every movement component there is. It made sense that we should use the skills we’d acquired to produce our own watches.”

Rebecca Struthers: preserving heritage skills

Rebecca Struthers: preserving heritage skills

One of the judges for the GPHG in 2019, Rebecca Struthers joined the Academy in 2020 and takes her role seriously. She particularly appreciates the diverse backgrounds of her fellow Academy members, as well as the variety of watches submitted: “I rarely get the chance to meet other watchmakers and see their work. It’s always a pleasure to do so, and there is so much to be gained,” she says.

Rebecca Struthers: preserving heritage skills

“Watchmaking is such a diverse craft and the GPHG reflects this. It brings together brands large and small and puts them on an equal footing for the various awards. I’m proud that I can contribute to the continuation of this heritage through my own work and through my role within the Academy.”

Designer, historian, teacher and author - as well as the first person in the United Kingdom to earn a Ph.D. in horology - Rebecca Struthers campaigns with passion and talent to keep traditional watchmaking skills alive.

About the GPHG Academy

The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) Academywas established in 2020. Its 840-plus members are men and women who believe in the common destiny of watchmaking. Experienced and respected stakeholders in key sectors relating to the watch industry, Academy members preselect the watches that will compete in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève and, alongside the Jury, vote for the year’s winners.

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