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Watchmaking and jewellery: intertwining of destinies


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March 2021

Watchmaking and jewellery: intertwining of destinies

Some jewellers have become watchmakers, while other houses, in rares cases, have taken the opposite path. Isabelle Cerboneschi, who has a deep understanding of the evolution of these two industries and is now the head of her own online magazine ALL.I.C., sheds light on the historical links between watches and jewellery in a free-ranging discussion, also revealing the bridges that these two worlds can still build between them.


fter studying law and art history, Isabelle Cerboneschi was destined for a career as an auctioneer but, being “in love with words”, she became a journalist instead. For 15 years she was in charge of the special edition of the Swiss daily newspaper of reference, Le Temps.

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