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Watchmaking in search of eternity


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March 2021

Watchmaking in search of eternity

While mechanical watchmaking – the existence of which dates back not millennia but “merely” a few centuries – could conceivably one day dwindle and die out, jewellery and its most prestigious component, precious stones, will probably not disappear until the extinction of mankind. How could watchmaking find its “share of eternity” too?


he oldest jewels in the world date back to around 130,000 years ago, during the Neanderthal period. Jewellery, you might say, is intrinsic to the human species. Since time immemorial it has fulfilled multiple functions: decorative, of course; erotic, enhancing certain parts of the body; religious; symbolic; utilitarian (when it fastens a toga or cape); but also social, indicative of status; fulfilling an identifying function, by showing affinity to a group; or a magical, sentimental, family or commemorative function... the list goes on.

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