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Watch trends 2019: A feminine take on time


July 2019

Watch trends 2019: A feminine take on time

We might as well admit it right away: at Baselworld 2019, women’s watches were thin on the ground. Rare are the watchmakers who consider them with any seriousness, continuity or originality. Apart from the odd exception, for many brands the women’s range seems to be limited to smaller variations on men’s models with a bit more colour and a scattering of diamonds. It’s not enough. Come on watchmakers, make an effort!

Hublot is more than just the famous and powerful Big Bang, which seems to have gobbled up everything in its path. The Classic Fusion Orlinski is much finer, with its 40 mm-diameter, 11.1 mm thick case, offering a subtle and consistent interplay of folds and facets that make it a genuine sculpture for the wrist. We owe it to the collaboration between the watchmaker and Richard Orlinski, a French artist with whom Hublot has already worked on several models, such as the Aerofusion Chronograph and Tourbillon.

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