The Watch Files - Jaquet-Droz: the forgotten history


May 2021

Join Serge Maillard, Publisher & CEO of Europa Star, and Stephen Foskett, Publisher of Grail Watch, to discover the stories of the events that changed the horology industry.


n April 4, 1960, 70 independent Swiss watchmakers joined forces to form a remarkable new cooperative. Intent on standing their ground against the consolidation of watchmakers into corporations, the Coopérative de Fabricants Suisses d’Horlogerie would launch a shared watch brand three years later, using the name of famous watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz.

The Coopérative grew rapidly, accounting for over 15% of Swiss watchmaking exports in 1968 and boasting a catalog of over 2,000 different models.

Yet this unique experiment, and the famous brand they used, is almost entirely forgotten.

#6 The Forgotten History of Jaquet-Droz, An Experiment in Cooperation. Listen now:

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