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Watchfinder & Co.: why e-commerce still values physical stores


December 2020

Watchfinder & Co.: why e-commerce still values physical stores

In the midst of the pandemic, the platform specialising in pre-owned watches has just opened two physical stores, in Paris and Geneva. It is also partnering with Panerai to offer a trade-in programme. Watchfinder CEO Matt Bowling details his strategy and what has changed since the company was bought by Richemont two years ago.


att Bowling is a British former journalist who, after working for the television channels ITN, BBC and Sky, decided to join two friends, Stuart Hennell and Lloyd Amsdon, who had just founded an online watch sales company called Watchfinder & Co. That was back in 2002; the first internet bubble had just burst, leading to the downfall of many digital pioneers, and many people were wondering if the web was not, after all, just a passing dream, a beautiful illusion. As for selling luxury goods online, “There were really very few of us,“ Matt Bowling recalls.

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