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Swatch Group: the “vintage & silicon” strategy


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October 2019

Swatch Group: the “vintage & silicon” strategy

Mido’s Ocean Star is 75 years old, but its new version, the Ocean Star Diver 600, is equipped with silicon. It’s an embodiment of the Swatch Group’s strategy: to combine vintage designs with new materials and technologies, thanks to the conglomerate’s powerful industrial base. We met Mido’s CEO Franz Linder to discuss the situation.


vintage face to appeal to new generations, and a revamped interior with silicon to keep up with new technological expectations: that seems to be the new normal in the Swiss watch industry! With a polarised market, where daily life is ruled by digital technology in all its forms, the luxury mechanical watch is experiencing a comeback even stronger than in the 1990s. But not everyone can afford a high-priced independent creation, or an iconic timepiece with a waiting list so long it will be “vintage” by the time you pick it up.

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