The Mysteries of Time

Time, with or without a capital T?


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March 2024

Time, with or without a capital T?

Should “time” be written with a capital T, or without? Behind this apparently innocuous question lie many subtle considerations.


ime (with a capital T) is Father Time, the Time of History, Humanity, the Cosmos, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. It’s closely connected to the notion of Eternity. But time with a small t, on the other hand, is what makes up our daily lives. The second that just passed, the life that flashes before your eyes, a baby’s kiss, the final sigh as life leaves the body. This time is infinitely precious to us, and yet it is insignificant in the context of capital-T Time.

These distinctions matter to us, as members of the watchmaking ecosystem, because it’s up to us to decide whether we care most about Time, or time.

Our latest issue is about Time with a capital T. And even if it only takes you a little time to read, we hope it will make you think for some time to come!

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