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Watch enthusiast, collector or investor?


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April 2021

Watch enthusiast, collector or investor?

Recent years have proved very profitable for collectible watches, with certain models reaching record values at auction. Indeed, many fear that hyper-speculation is taking precedence over “real” interest in these pieces. What does this phenomenon reveal? Above all, the arrival of a powerful new constituency of watch enthusiasts that must now be reckoned with, and the flaws that accompany it, such as the casino effect surrounding certain timepieces, and a tendency towards “digital bashing”. But these issues should not detract from the genuine dynamism of this new and fundamentally passionate scene.


s the New York Times recently noted in an article about the exploding value of certain collectibles, from Air Jordans to Porsche 911s, “rich people who shopped too much used to be called collectors; now they are all investors.”

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