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Salon EPHJ: an introduction


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December 2020

Salon EPHJ: an introduction

As part of our latest report, we met several suppliers who form the very weft of the Swiss watchmaking fabric. Here is a short portrait of the Salon EPHJ.


ounded in 2002, the Geneva-based EPHJ, which stands for “Professional Watchmaking and Jewellery Environment”, is the most important trade show for the watchmaking supply sector, whether upstream or downstream of the end product.

The trade show itself has diversified into the Professional Microtechnology Environment (EPMT) and medtech (SMT stands for Swiss Medical Technologies). In other words, the EPHJ now caters for the entire highprecision sector.

Alexandre Catton, director of the EPHJ trade show
Alexandre Catton, director of the EPHJ trade show

Although the 2020 edition was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19, the 2019 figures bear witness to its importance for watchmaking suppliers, and to its diversification, thanks to the potential synergies it can create. EPHJ in 2019: 20,000 visitors for 823 exhibitors, including, by sector, 524 exhibitors in Watchmaking and Jewellery, 235 in Microtechnologies and 64 registered in Medtech.

Salon EPHJ: an introduction
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