Watchmaking and the pandemic: #Resilience

Wolf: a solution for quarantined retailers


March 2020

Wolf: a solution for quarantined retailers

Our friends at WOLF have crafted an innovative distribution concept in this “new normal” of social distancing and closed stores. We share here the letter they sent us, so that all professional watch retailers may know about it!


any of you have been told to close your stores, self-isolate or go into quarantine. For those of you who have we feel for you and wish you all the best.

The immediate challenge is to keep your engine running. WOLF’s offices in UK, USA and Hong Kong are closed, we are working remotely but we can still ship orders. Here is an idea that might help, just a little, to keep things turning over.

If you like we can design an email newsletter for you, branded with your store name with links that point to your website. When you receive an order, send it to us and we will ship it and then send you the tracking number for you to pass to your customer. We will waive the dropship fee and send your packages at no carriage/freight charge.

You may need to update your site with the WOLF items that you would want to show, we have those assets available immediately. There is no investment for you in stock/inventory as we will drop-ship direct to your customer.

All of us that are stuck at home know someone with an upcoming birthday, perhaps an anniversary, a special occasion or just because. As human beings we have an inherent need to reach out to each other. Showing that we care never ceases.

If you would like to see how we can make this work please email us at [email protected] or contact your sales representative.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

All the best,

The WOLF-Pack

The new British Racing Green collection by WOLF
The new British Racing Green collection by WOLF