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Seiko: “We want to go beyond functionality”


August 2019

Seiko: “We want to go beyond functionality”

How to convey not only the functional aspect of Seiko’s and Grand Seiko’s collections, but also the Japanese sense of beauty found in these timepieces? An interview with Shuji Takahashi, President, COO and CMO of Seiko Watch Corporation.

How successful so far is your strategy to make Grand Seiko a global brand?

After gaining its independence, Grand Seiko attracted a great deal of interest from media, retail partners, and consumers as a luxury brand. The number of retail stores has increased significantly, and sales outside Japan have tripled since then. In the United States, which is our biggest market overseas, the number of Grand Seiko retail stores has doubled. In Italy, where there are many watch fans and aficionados, Grand Seiko was launched just a few months ago, and I feel there is even greater potential in the luxury watch market. Our goal now is to extend our fan base to the wider public, not just watch fans, and for Grand Seiko to be a serious choice for them as they consider purchasing a fine watch.

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