Solving the training dilemma with Europa Star’s Knowledge

July 2011

Daniel Ceballos Joyeros was the first retailer to take advantage of the Europa Star Knowledge training programme. Though Ceballos has training from the brands on a regular basis, he knew that he and his staff needed more.

“I wanted to fine-tune what I knew about watches,” he says. “Although I try to stay up to date and take part in the different training programmes my brands offer, it still wasn’t enough. I had been looking for a good watch programme that gave unbiased information, opinions and insight into the watch industry. The Europa Star Knowledge was just the programme to achieve this.

“The Europa Star Knowledge exceeded my expectations,” he continues. “It gave the entire scope of the industry today, and a look to where it’s going. It gave me the knowledge to be able to make an intelligent decision when considering investing in a new watch or brand.”

Solving the training dilemma with Europa Star's Knowledge

The Knowledge programme was held at the Grand Hotel les Bains in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland before BaselWorld. In addition to training by the Europa Star staff, Ceballos also had a presentation from independent master watchmaker Thomas Prescher and visited the Montblanc Villeret manufacture.

“The Knowledge really opened my eyes to a great many things I had only a rough idea of,” Ceballos details. “It gave me key arguments to consider to be able to have a strong personal opinion of different watch oriented topics, and not be influenced just by what brands are promoting.

“I would absolutely recommend the Knowledge,” he adds. “It’s no secret that knowledge is the key to success. This programme really helps you gain an edge and makes you a true watch authority. With the acquired knowledge and skills, you will be able to better comprehend and take full advantage of future training programmes from the brands you carry.”

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For information on the Knowledge, which is available either in Switzerland or in your store, please contact: [email protected]

Source: Europa Star June - July 2011 Magazine Issue