Our direction in 2018


February 2018

Our direction in 2018

Every industry has been transformed by digital technology – the media as much as, if not more than the watch industry! Times of transition, periods of metamorphosis, require bold decisions, and also judicious execution.


uropa Star has the advantage of being able to rely on strong intangible values, the kind that can’t be bought, that are built up patiently over time: editorial added value, pertinence (and impertinence), independence, family, tradition, and a unique perspective on the watch industry. In an increasingly confused media environment, where communication merges with information, these values of independence and freedom are what anchor us. The channels for publication are becoming more diverse, but as they become more numerous, they must not simultaneously become poorer in content.

2017 marked the 90th anniversary of our print magazines, with a new format that was extremely well received. Paper remains our core business, the tree on which new fruit can grow. Following on from our five anniversary issues or Chapters, the magazine layout is further refined this year in the light of our experience. There is one convenient folio with a cutting-edge design to go with the cutting-edge content, the heart of which are the Business pages. This issue features a round-the-world tour of the watch markets of our planet, great and small. A magazine must evolve with the times; all the more so, since the very concept of a paper magazine, which at one time seemed a given, must now continually respond to the challenge of change.

Our new signature, Time.Business, reflects our identity: covering an industry whose primary mission is to master time. This, more than ever, is what inspires us.

In 2018 we celebrate the 20th year (!) of our websites, which bring in around 750,000 unique visitors each month. That gives us a great excuse to overhaul the design of our webplatforms in Chinese, Spanish, Russian and French, and of course English on europastar.com. Our aim is to discover the ideal combination of virtual and real, with a mixture of our best print articles and dedicated web content, including Fast News and a selection of the best Watch Videos.

Last but not least, we are diversifying our activities into editorial consulting for the watch industry, providing bespoke services to the industry and its actors, including content and design for magazines and specialised publications. In a sector that draws much of its legitimacy from its historical foundations, we hope that our longevity will provide inspiration to others.

Remaining responsive to developments in the short term, while navigating a steady course over the long term, are fitting goal for publishers and watchmakers alike.

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