Recommended reading: McKinsey’s new report on watchmaking

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June 2021

Recommended reading: McKinsey's new report on watchmaking

This report is part of a special-edition series by McKinsey and Business of Fashion and takes a deep dive into fine jewellery and watches over a five-year time horizon. Notably it assesses that approximately $2.4 billion in revenue will transfer from retailers to watch brands, as DTC business models take centre stage. As for the pre-owned watch market, it is set to become the industry’s fastest-growing segment and brands must “urgently decide how they want to participate.”


s the new “State of fashion: Watches & Jewellery”report by McKinsey and Business of Fashion points out, “with combined annual sales of more than $330 billion, fine jewellery and premium to ultra-luxury watches are an important part of the global luxury economy. Yet today, both the jewellery and watches industries find themselves at an inflexion point.”

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