Luxury Innovation Summit: it starts today!


October 2022

Luxury Innovation Summit: it starts today!

The international conference brings together luxury brands, start-ups and investors in Geneva on October 19-20.


uxury Venture Group is a Swiss-based incubator, accelerator, and venture capital investor for startups from the luxury industry. Once a year, the group organises the Luxury Innovation Summit and Awards in Geneva. Taking place on 19 and 20 October 2022, this 4th edition will gather luxury brands, startups, investors, academics, and media from around the globe.

The diversity of speakers and attendees will nurture fruitful encounters and discussions between innovators and well-established brands, startuppers and investors, industry veterans and newcomers, academics and managers. The Summit is a space to discover, get stimulated, and get connected.

Luxury Innovation Summit: it starts today!

Topics to be discussed at the Summit include:

Trends, Innovation, and Creativity

NFT, Metaverse, AI, VR, blockchain, endless new materials, and devices are in a constant state of upgrade: technology’s power over the luxury and fashion world gets stronger and stronger. How should the industry harness this, and how can brands best prepare for the future?

Sustainability and Circular Economy

How can the fashion and luxury industry do more in this space? How should the industry reconcile the seeming paradox of growing sales vs sustainability and environmental considerations? What does “sustainable” mean for an industry built on desire, consumption and constant change? And what can the luxury industry – from start-up to investor, big brand to boutique – do to help encourage more diversity within its ranks?

Private Equity and Venture Capital in luxury

The luxury goods sector is benefiting from a positive structural change. This theme will discuss opportunities for private and institutional investors to invest in luxury goods and related services. How can investment houses be better prepared to identify the investment targets – from venture capital to private equity?


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