Just out: “A comprehensive guide to vintage Swiss watches”

April 2024

Just out: “A comprehensive guide to vintage Swiss watches”

A lifelong passion for watches runs through Aashdin K. Billimoria’s highly personal account of vintage timepieces. It details the stories and values of a wide range of watches, some iconic, others more confidential.


nterest in vintage watches has really taken off in recent years. This is hardly surprising, given that the watch industry is so steeped in heritage and tradition. So, rather than buying a modern copy, why not opt for the original? This movement has been accompanied by a surge of new information, educational material and literature on all things watches. With this book, Aashdin K Billimoria is contributing to the world’s ever-growing passion for watches.

This passion is above all a personal journey: a vintage collection says a lot about the personality, character and philosophy of its owner! That’s why the author has decided to share his own journey into the world of watches, which he began at a very early age. He conveys a sense of wonder about these timepieces, and his account recounts the history of some of the most fascinating devices ever produced.

Nor does he stick to the classics. Many of the brands and models he mentions are less well-known, but we are transported into their creative world through the book’s richly illustrated pages. After all, the fascination that watches exert is primarily visual rather than technical… Or is it the other way round? As we said, it’s all about finding your own path to the art of watchmaking.

20'000 Feet by CX Swiss Military Watch: The ultimate diving watch

Aashdin K. Billimoria is already the author of Nivada Depthmaster - A true diver’s watch and Nivada Antarctic - The History of a Legend. He devotes a few hours a day to the study of watchmaking.

After accumulating more than three decades of professional experience, watchmaker, archivist, he spent more than four years composing and designing his self-published landmark book, “A comprehensive guide to vintage Swiss watches”.

Richly illustrated, this 21-chapter publication covers not only the best-known icons and Haute Horlogerie, but also mid-range timepieces and heritage gems waiting to be discovered. It is largely based on the author’s personal experience: from the age of six, Aashdin K. Billimoria began collecting timepieces, a family passion. His private collection is meticulously preserved.

20'000 Feet by CX Swiss Military Watch: The ultimate diving watch

You can order the book by contacting Aashdin K. Billimoria directly via his Instagram account. Price: €125.

20'000 Feet by CX Swiss Military Watch: The ultimate diving watch

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