Eberhard & Co. Extra-fort Grande Taille Roue à Colonnes

April 2020

Eberhard & Co. Extra-fort Grande Taille Roue à Colonnes

The Extra-fort collection has always had a prominent position within the Eberhard & Co. universe, due to the fact that it is the oldest of the collections that contribute today to making the Maison from La Chaux-de-Fonds one of the landmarks of Swiss watchmaking.


he first Extra-fort models were in fact produced in the nineteen-forties, and for the Eberhard of that time represented an affirmation of its own role in the watch-making industry.

Over these eighty years, Eberhard has never abandoned this symbolic collection, indeed has always enriched and developed it, allowing it to reach our own days with its charm intact and with a prominent position in the international market for elegant timepieces.

Eberhard & Co. Extra-fort Grande Taille Roue à Colonnes

With the new Extra-fort Grande Taille Roue à Colonnes, Eberhard & Co. introduces a more sophisticated version, from a mechanical point of view, which will replace the previous one with the column-wheel chronographic movement. This device is much more complex in manufacture than the standard “cam” version, but has well-known advantages: greater precision in driving the chronographic functions, greater smoothness in the engagement of the same functions and, a satisfying element for enthusiasts, a softer sensation in the operation of the timepiece.

The typical elegance and great personality of Extra-fort Grande Taille remain unchanged: the new timepiece has a 41 mm steel case that is water resistant to 50 m and is offered in different dial variants, all with “frappée” and”azurée“counters, and complemented by alligator straps or the”Chalin" steel bracelet.

Eberhard & Co. Extra-fort Grande Taille Roue à Colonnes

With Extra-fort Grande Taille Roue à Colonnes Eberhard & Co. takes a further step in the assertion of its main vocation: the creation of excellent timepieces, destined for an extremely demanding public.

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