The new Czapek Antarctique “Abyss”

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August 2020

The new Czapek Antarctique “Abyss”

After having successfully launched the Terre Adélie and Orion Nebula models in May (both sold out), Czapek & Cie unveils a special edition of its new Antarctique collection with a spectacular hand-varnished dial inspired by the depth of the Antarctic Ocean. This model features the first to be entirely conceived in-house movement by Czapek & Cie.


he Austral Ocean, also known as the Antarctic Ocean or the Southern Ocean, comprises the southernmost waters encircling Antarctica. This oceanic zone is where cold, northward flowing waters from the Antarctic mix with warmer sub-Antarctic waters. Geologically the youngest of the oceans, it was formed when Antarctica and South America moved apart, opening the Drake Passage, roughly 30 million years ago. The maximum depth of the Antarctic Ocean was surveyed only in recent times, in early February 2019, when the Five Deeps Expedition found a depth of 7,434 meters.

The deep and ever-moving waters of the Austral Ocean have been the inspiration for the new Czapek Antarctique, named “Abyss”.

The timepiece, a limited series of 10 pieces, features an hand-varnished dial manufactured by Metalem. This technique consists of varnishing, hand painting with a brush, lacquering and then polishing the dial. Being crafted by hand, each of the 10 dials will be somehow unique.

The new Czapek Antarctique “Abyss”

The new model features the same movement as the Terre Adélie and Orion Nebula editions, launched in May and now sold out: the SXH5, the first to be entirely conceived in-house by Czapek & Cie.

The SXH5 Caliber

The new Czapek Antarctique “Abyss”

Czapek & Cie SXH5.01 Caliber is a threehander self-winding micro-rotor movement. Here are its main features:

  • Haute-Horology caliber conceived in-house and “from scratch” by the Czapek team,
  • Exceptional architecture with 7 bridges cut out like lace allowing a clear view of the finishing (the gear train),
  • Original bridges’ shape inspired by 19th century movements and by Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie chronograph’s rotor,
  • Superlative finishes with hand chamfering of 6 inward angles and drawing of the flanks,
  • 8.8 Newton mm single barrel loaded by a micro-rotor in certified 100% recycled platinum to free up the view on the movement and let it remain reasonably flat and thin (4.5mm),
  • High autonomy power reserve of 56 hours,
  • 100% Swiss made (gold excepted) with a majority of components exclusive to Czapek,
  • 8 mg.cm² variable inertia balance wheel to allow precise adjustment and excellent chronometry,
  • Powerful movement with an optimal balance of inertia and torque to achieve perfect isochronism and power horse versatility,
  • Exclusive calendar positioned at 6 o’clock to stay true to Czapek’s aesthetics based on vertical symmetry,
  • The 15 movement’s partners and co-creators of its exclusive components - such as AB Product, Atokalpa or Générale Ressort - represent the ‘crème de la crème’ of Swiss watchmaking and joined the Czapek team to strengthen its horizontal manufacture in one of the purest version of the We Collect Rare People spirit.

“Watchmaking is a journey that sometimes holds a few surprises, like this incredible dial that came out of a trial on a new varnishing technique with Metalem, says CEO Xavier de Roquemaurel. It blew us away and the name “Abyss” has imposed itself very naturally. It represents our never-ending quest for creative beauty inspired by nature and our spirit of collaboration”.

Presented for the first time in Geneva on the occasion of the Geneva Watch Days, the Abyss will be available in all Czapek & Cie official retailers and on Czapek.com.

Deliveries of the 10 pieces are expected to start in November 2020.