Klokers presents The Minimal

October 2020

Klokers presents The Minimal

There’s time to think and there’s time to act. Time keeps on ticking forward for Klokers, who have been making small, steady strokes back on to the world’s watchmaking stage for the past three months. Bringing a once-beloved brand back to life is something akin to a series of memorable moments, somewhere between the magical and the deadly serious. And of course, a new arrival into the KLOK-01 family is very much a memorable moment.


s an image of the present moment while time remains frozen in place, photography is like a time machine. Inspired by the classic cameras from a time when black and white was the last word in elegance and style, the KLOK-01 Minimal applies a typographical design to achieve purity, balance and artistic precision.

Klokers presents The Minimal

“A photograph is a fragment of time which will never return.”


Embracing the typographical features of film-based cameras, the “Minimal” series explores the field of graphical minimalism and delicate styling. The dial and its totally redesigned 3 coplanar discs for precise reading once again demonstrate Klokers’ ability to skilfully reinvent itself.

A combination of metal and the colour black, this watch is a highly elegant “must”, perfectly symbolising the filmbased “Reflex” cameras. To achieve this, the deep black dial absorbs light while also featuring the usual highly precise divisions in white. It provides a pure representation of time, which is lost to us forever.


Based on a machined stainless steel case, the graphical design of the milky white dial is inspired by the thumbwheels used to set exposure times on film-based cameras. The functional simplicity and the typographical increments for the hours, minutes and seconds all toy discreetly with the concept of time. A number of sea blue highlights provide a delightful added touch as part of this scene in motion.

Klokers presents the Minimal series with 2 timepieces available for pre-order from October 1 to 15. Up for sale: 15/10. Pre-order offer: 1 Kord strap offered with the purchase of a Minimal.

Klokers presents The Minimal