Bulgari introduces Rainbow and Colour Wave Serpenti watches

December 2020

Bulgari introduces Rainbow and Colour Wave Serpenti watches

The Roman jeweler follows the enchantment of the rainbow, letting its goodluck- charm spirit slide its way into countless fresh fields of expression and play with every imaginable combination in the chromatic palette.


he new Rainbow and Colour Wave Serpenti watches embody the glamour and panache of Italian Extravagance, brought to life in vibrant colour. In a collection that could only come from the Roman Jeweller of Time, Bvlgari dresses up its most iconic design, Serpenti, in brilliant gems.

The Maison’s high-jewellery watches are infused with exquisite preciousness, as Bvlgari takes up the mantle as the Master of Coloured Gemstones, for which the brand is internationally renowned. Bvlgari has always loved colour, and coloured gemstones in particular, believing them to have a unique power to bring joy. Now, it applies its artistry with coloured gems to high-jewellery watches, reinventing signature styles in a riot of rainbow-coloured gems, and a kaleidoscope of cuts and sizes. The new collection represents the pinnacle of Bvlgari watchmaking and jewellery-making expertise, colliding with audacious Bvlgari style.


Each piece in the collection expresses the Bvlgari idea of Mai Troppo, or “never too much” reminding us to give in to beauty and enjoy it. Designs and materials are full of character; each is a bold expression of the sublime, told through nature’s most precious treasures.

The Serpenti Viper Rainbow

Encircling the wrist like the iconic original, three new Serpenti Viper editions reimagine the sinuous and seductive two-row bracelet watch in glorious colour. Serpenti Viper Rainbow is crafted in round-cut diamonds, pink, purple and blue sapphires, intense red rubies, orange spinels, yellow sapphires and green garnets and emeralds. The gems are set in a rose gold Serpenti Viper bracelet that transitions harmoniously across the spectrum, at once extraordinary and artful.

The Serpenti Viper Blue Color Wave

The Serpenti Viper Blue Color Wave embraces a similar effect, rendering a range of brilliant blues in light and dark sapphires and white diamonds set in a white gold bracelet; as does the Serpenti Viper Red Color Wave, which sets light and dark pink sapphires, red rubies and diamonds in a rose gold bracelet.

The Serpenti Viper Red Color Wave

Two shimmering Serpenti Incantati round out the collection. The first, the Serpenti Incantati Rainbow, features a yellow gold 33-millimeter case. Intense green tsavorites, yellow and orange sapphires, mandarin garnets, orange-red spinels, intense rubies, and pink, purple and blue sapphires of various cuts are seamlessly set to graduate into the next to form the body of the snake, which wraps itself around the case. Over 280 brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the supple geometric jewellery bracelet. This precious and refined timepiece testifies to the high degree of technical mastery cultivated by the master artisans in Bvlgari’s High Jewellery ateliers. The finesse and the quality of the gemsetting, as well as the ways in which the stones are cut and assembled, are truly remarkable.

Bulgari introduces Rainbow and Colour Wave Serpenti watches
The Serpenti Incantati Rainbow Wave

The Serpenti Incantati Blue Color Wave features a white gold case set with light to dark blue sapphires and diamonds, and a bracelet set with 282 brilliant-cut diamonds. The snake’s tail flows over the wrist and coils around it with supple grace, testifying to the flexibility and sense of movement characterizing Bvlgari jewellery creations.

The Serpenti Incantati Blue Color Wave

In a true ode to all the colours of the rainbow, the new pieces represent the first chapter in a series of creations, born in the wake of the Colour Treasures theme.

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