An introduction to the new Delma Commander models

October 2021

An introduction to the new Delma Commander models

The independent Swiss brand expands its Commander collection with the introduction of two new big date models and new dial colours for the three hands and chronographs. The new formats enhance the series’ distinctive bold disposition while redefining a classic pilots’ watch.


elma’s new Commander’s unadorned yet sleek case epitomizes the quintessential simplicity and strength of a professional pilots’ watch complete with a prominent crown or pushers for ease of handling with gloves. Bold Arabic numerals are clearly presented alongside luminous hour and minute hands and a striking red seconds hand makes legibility effortless even in the dark. All black dial Commanders including the big date limited editions are matte for extreme clarity.

The addition of navy blue and green sunray brushed dial options mounted on a stainless steel bracelet exude a more formal appearance for elite aviators and intrepid explorers. The new big date and chronograph models are accentuated with red details on the zero index triangle while the original and new three hand models highlight the date with a red arrow and contrasting white backdrop. The big date models are powered by an ETA 2892A2 movement with a Jaquet 3512 Big Date module with its 50-hour power reserve sufficient to fly across the globe.

The format and spirit of the new Commanders stay true to Delma’s first Aero models, inspired by the revolutionary period of flight discovery. The new big date and dials present high contrast practical timekeepers with effortless style and elevate the collection to new heights.

An introduction to the new Delma Commander models

-* Limited Edition to 150 pieces per model

  • Stainless steel CHF 1990 / EUR 2190 / USD 2350
  • Black PVD CHF 1990 / EUR 2190 / USD 2350

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