Code41 gives the X41 a new sapphire look

May 2022

Code41 gives the X41 a new sapphire look

The X41 Edition 6 is the product of technical watchmaking feats, thanks in particular to its case, made entirely of sapphire.


n fine watchmaking, sapphire is an extremely difficult material to work, and one requiring rare expertise. Not a single error can be permitted throughout each stage of its production, from machining to polishing, up to and including its assembly. A challenge worthy of Code41, who’ve taken on the task with vigour with the release of the X41 Edition 6.

Code41 has opted for sapphire for a number of reasons: its unrivaled beauty, but also because with this exceptional material, the glory of each component of the timepiece is magnified. Obviously these aren’t the only benefits of sapphire. It’s also highly valued for its legendary hardness (not far from that of diamond), vastly superior to that of steel, titanium and even AeroCarbon.

This unique quality grants it incredible resistance to scratching. What’s more, being two times lighter than steel, sapphire offers exceptional comfort for your wrist. Another important advantage: its transparency, which allows the splendor of the X41’s skeleton movement to be admired from every angle.

Nine new bridge colors were subject to the community’s vote, with two selected for this Edition 6: green and rainbow. These two new colours have been added to the existing list and are available in all of the possible X41 case configurations: Sapphire, AeroCarbon and grade 5 Titanium.

Code41 gives the X41 a new sapphire look

The translucent strap is the other big new feature for this 6th edition of the X41. As well as offering a case made entirely of sapphire, allowing for a mesmerizing transparency, the X41 Edition 6 can be paired with a translucent R41 strap for an even more captivating transparent experience. The translucent strap is available for all models in this 6th edition.

Thanks to its sapphire case, the X41 Edition 6 enjoys all the benefits of this demanding material, with unbeatable value for money. Indeed, the sapphire case is 22 times more expensive to produce than the titanium case (3,600 CHF versus 160 CHF). Available from 14,793 CHF, the X41 Edition 6 Sapphire offers exceptional value for money, made possible by an even more drastic reduction of the mark-ups applied to this model, with the aim of making this fine watchmaking piece accessible to as many people as possible.

Furthermore, and for the pleasure of the Code41 community and lovers of mechanical beauty alike, the base price remains unchanged: the X41 Edition 6 is available from 5,393 CHF (Titanium version with leather strap), and this despite the significant increase in the costs of production due to the rising prices of raw materials.

More than a watch, the Code41 community is being offered a journey. At each stage of the project, members vote and have their say. Thus, they participate in the design of future models. In addition, throughout production, they witness the birth of their watch in photo and on video, as well as through visits to the workshops. A unique immersion in the watchmaking universe that places each member of the community and the heart of the creative process.

Code41 gives the X41 a new sapphire look

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