Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation

August 2022

Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation

Each and every NASA-inspired “Awake: Mission to Earth” watch is equipped with a unique and unforgeable marker built directly into the sapphire crystal. The non-intrusive ID Glass technology works with an NFC tag that is completely autonomous in terms of energy.


lockchain technology was designed to guarantee the authenticity and safety of the information it stores. But to give meaning and essence to this technology, it needed to be integrated into a watch directly and not outside it through a card or any other external feature.

Working in collaboration with the Arianee protocol, a major player in Web 3.0, and the Swiss manufacturer STISS, French brand Awake introduces a groundbreaking innovation. Each and every “Awake: Mission to Earth” watch is equipped with a unique and unforgeable marker built directly into the sapphire crystal. The non-intrusive ID Glass technology works with an NFC tag that is completely autonomous in terms of energy.

Moreover, by unifying smartphones and watches, each owner can benefit from the exclusive material transmitted by NASA through the cameras embedded in the International Space Station. This unique experience aims to recreate the sensory and emotional shock felt by astronauts themselves.

The blockchain technology made possible by the sapphire crystal guarantees the total transparency and traceability of the watches. All the information and certificates contained within their unique digital copy are completely unfalsifiable, eliminating the risk of counterfeit. Users also have access to a complete history of the watch since the moment of sale, making it impossible to buy a stolen watch as this fact would immediately be identifiable.

Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation

NASA endorsed the use of their name within the framework of this project. The cupola is the panoramic observation window inside the International Space Station (ISS). As a control centre, it provides astronauts with an incredible view of the Earth and the cosmos. It became the main source of inspiration for the watches’ dials.

The light grey matt dial with a sanded finish exudes a highly technical feel, which is further emphasised by the ingot indexes that remind users of the space between the 6 peripheral portholes of the Cupola.

Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation

The red joints separating the layers of micro meteorite-resistant glass are echoed in the aluminium rehaut engraved with the legendary countdown that precedes the launch of each rocket. The notched minute track mirrors the marks left by the Rovers during their astronomical discoveries, while the concentric guilloches between the indexes represent the Earth’s journey to orbit the Sun, depicted by the hands’ central pivot. Hands that were inspired by rockets’ unmistakable oblong shape.

Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation

NASA’s essence and coding have been subtly integrated into the “Awake: Mission to Earth” edition, starting with the red and white colours which are inextricably linked to space exploration. The colour red also has a specific connotation within NASA as it embodies the passion, energy and courage needed to face the permanent challenges we encounter.

Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation

“Awake: Mission to Earth” is also the first titanium watch by Awake, a high-grade material with lightweight, robust and comfortable qualities. Used primarily in aeronautics and aerospace, this titanium is 70% recycled, which allows to minimise the use of virgin materials that entail a significantly higher carbon footprint, without reducing the exceptional level of quality and performance.

Having been completely redesigned, the oscillating weight carries the message “Dare Mighty Things” which was embedded in the Perseverance parachute, the Rover that landed on Mars. A mantra to live by that challenges us and encourages us to keep moving forward and never give up.

The immaculate white quilted finish of the strap is inspired by the outfits worn by astronauts during their ventures into space. Consistent with the brand’s goals to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible, the strap is made by injecting Biopoly®, an exclusive material derived from castor, a natural plant that is used as an alternative to fossil fuels. Lightweight and ultra-resistant, it gives the wrist an exceptional level of comfort. The hollow buckle is inspired by the metal clamps used in the extremities of the spacesuits.

Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation

Found inside each box inspired by the storage cases used on space expeditions, the A“wake: Mission to Earth” watch is accompanied by an authentic, certified meteorite fragment from the asteroid VESTA, which is over a billion years old. On 27th June 1931, it collided with Earth in the Tataouine desert in Tunisia. At the moment of impact, the meteorite reached over 1000 degrees which radically altered its density, resulting in a unique crystallisation that is otherwise impossible to recreate on Earth.

It contains a plaque with NASA’s official motto “Reach for new heights and reveal the unknown, so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind” to pay tribute to the work this organisation has carried out for more than 60 years in the name of science, knowledge and Humanity.

Awake presents a groundbreaking innovation


  • Recycled titanium case
  • Superluminova BGW9
  • Sapphire crystal with integrated NFC ID Glass technology
  • Screw down crown
  • Modified Miyota 9015 caliber
  • Biopoly® strap
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Lug width: 20mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Water resistant: 10atm
  • Limited edition: 250 pieces
  • Price: 990 euros

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