Nomos Tetra neomatik: 175 years of watchmaking in Glashütte

August 2022

Nomos Tetra neomatik: 175 years of watchmaking in Glashütte

The German brand presents new limited series in the Tetra neomatik line, in off white, red, blue and black, to celebrate 175 years of watchmaking in Glashütte. Manufactured using a technique whose effect is very similar to that of enamel, the dials beneath the anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass are striking.


olour versions of the successful, square classic Tetra have long been available from Nomos Glashütte. Until now, these were hand-wound watches in rather subtle shades.

But this year Tetra is stepping up its game: with Tetra neomatik – 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte, the manufactory is striking new tones. The four models available this spring are not just flat, elegant automatic watches; they are also extravagant and a little idiosyncratic. These days, some would call them edgy.

Red, blue, black and off white are the new, very crisp colours of these watches. They are coated using a technique whose effect is comparable to that of enamel: incoming light is not absorbed by the opaque surfaces but instead reflected, creating depth. In terms of their shape and size, the new models are neither feminine nor masculine but for everyone.

Nomos Tetra neomatik: 175 years of watchmaking in Glashütte

That’s not to say they are actually for everyone. “The watches are bolder than sneakers with a jacket,” according to Nomos product manager Heike Ahrendt. Be it a business coach or an NFT artist, a political newcomer or a YouTube star, a molecular researcher or an interior designer, with these watches, Nomos Glashütte had in mind self-assured, modern people who do not follow the mainstream. “That might be surprising, but it’s only logical,” says Ahrendt. After all, even as a company, Nomos Glashütte has always gone its own way.

Nomos Tetra neomatik: 175 years of watchmaking in Glashütte

The new Nomos edition is limited to just 175 units each worldwide, as evidenced by the engraving on the back. Something Nomos is celebrating with a gift: it comes with the beautiful Nomos deployant clasp on a remborde strap (made of Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, oiled by hand, struck with glass balls for shine). Likewise, this Tetra series was regulated according to chronometer values. As such, these new watches are at least as desirable as the hand-wound Tetra models. But nevertheless: fundamentally different and a clear step up.

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