Bianchet presents the Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork

September 2022

Bianchet presents the Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork

With a natural balance of lines and visual harmony flowing from the Golden Ratio 1.618, the Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork watch is an ultra-sensorial, mathematical and mechanical object.


ll the proportions of Bianchet’s new Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork - the architecture of the movement, the design of the case - have been thought out and designed according to the principles defined by the Golden Ratio 1.618. The titanium-dust-Infused carbon used for the case is a new composite consisting of carbon fibre interlayered with titanium powder to make it more luminous, more precious, with unexpected moiré reflections.

The relationship between meaning and culture, between mathematics and mechanics, is fundamental to Bianchet’s thinking, which builds on the work of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio of 1.618 to transpose the mathematical proportions underlying the pure beauty and harmony of the universe into the world of ultra-contemporary independent watchmaking.

Both surprising and self-evident, this approach to watchmaking finds its manifestation in the Bianchet Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork Carbon Orange. The architecture of the tourbillon movement and its spiral bridges, the design of the case, the Italian aesthetic; the choice of carbon, titanium and rubber; the dynamics of materials, shapes, textures and colours – everything within and without the Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork Carbon Orange expresses the energy, harmony and balance of a contemporary watch.

Bianchet presents the Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork

Mathematically proportioned, faithful to the founding principle of the Golden Ratio, the arcs of the tonneau-shaped case are accented by two fine bands of rubber, like coloured seals, that act as a highlighter, revealing the harmony of the lines.

These colour inserts – a hallmark of the Bianchet aesthetic – fulfil a design and engineering purpose whilst defining the chromatic theme that extends through the hands and hour markers, the tone-on-tone rubber insert of the crown and the strap. Here, the colour of energy and fire – Orange! – further reinforces the connection between the chosen materials and elemental forces.

To manufacture the cases and specific components of its watches, Bianchet works with an expert partner who has absolute mastery over advanced carbon technology. Not just any kind of carbon, but a pioneering composite that translates technological prowess into a refined, incredibly lightweight yet resistant aesthetic: during the production process, a subtle coat of titanium powder is deposited on each layer of carbon plural. Approximately 1 kilogram of titanium powder is carefully distributed between the 32 layers of carbon fibre to produce the composite material for 10 watch cases.

Bianchet presents the Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork

The result is a distinctive, unequalled finish with regard to the way reflections play off each other, from the deep black of carbon to the metallic luminosity of titanium: a moiré effect that alternates between glossy and matte in a random pattern unique to each piece. The material retains the black colour – with its sleek and sporty vibe – of carbon, and at the same time becomes more luminous, more precious. It took two years of research and development to achieve this result. A Bianchet exclusive.

And because understated elegance now naturally fits in with an active lifestyle, the watch has been designed to be shock resistant up to 6,000 Gs – as well as water resistant to 5 ATM (about 50 metres). The 105-hour power reserve adds a further dimension of comfort and wearability in everyday life.

It is precisely with the attention to detail on this particular point that Bianchet distinguishes itself, too: the choice of shorter lugs enhances both the case’s compact aesthetics and its feel on the wrist. The soft natural rubber strap – available in ’Orange’ and in black – naturally follows through in this spirit.

Bianchet presents the Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork

At the heart of the watch: the Calibre B1.618. The plate, wheel bridges and tourbillon cage are all made of titanium. A material already known to be difficult to work with, it is doubly formidable when applied to watchmaking, and even more so in the construction of a tourbillon.

Yet it is precisely this amazing combination of extremely low weight and superior rigidity that makes it ideal for the tourbillon, where compensating for the effects of gravity is of paramount concern. The way the mechanism achieves this, through its rotation, is based on a principle where mathematics determines physics – all the while remaining intimately connected with aesthetics.

The titanium calibre is adjusted to 6 positions, ensuring a running precision of -4 to +4 seconds per day. The lubricating oils are enhanced with nanodiamonds (diamond nanoparticles) to reduce friction to an absolute minimum.

Bianchet presents the Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork


  • Shock resistance: 6000 G
  • Water resistance: 50 meters (5 ATM)
  • Weight: 42g
  • Swiss made: Imagined, crafted and hand-finished in Switzerland
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Case Materials: Titanium-Dust-Infused Carbon and natural vulcanised rubber
  • Crown: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating, case front and case back
  • Dimensions: 43 x 50 x 13 mm
  • Movement - Calibre B1.618
  • Materials: Main plate, bridges and tourbillon cage in Grade 5 titanium
  • Tourbillon: 60-seconds, hand-wound, 6 positions. Antimagnetic tourbillon cage
  • Variable inertia balance wheel
  • Frequency: 3 Hz – 21,600 vph
  • Precision: -4+4 sec/day
  • Lubricants enriched with diamond nanoparticles to reduce friction
  • Finishes: Sand-blasted, circular-grained, satin-brushed titanium plates and bridges with a black DLC coating, hand-finished titanium tourbillon cage
  • Strap Materials: Natural vulcanised rubber, Grade 5 Titanium folding clasp. Available in orange and black
  • Retail price: CHF 55,000 (excluding taxes)
  • Limited Series of 21 pieces

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