Emera Cyborg: the birth of a new kind of brand

February 2023

Emera Cyborg: the birth of a new kind of brand

This new watch brand is the result of the collaboration between designer Patrick Freiburghaus and watchmaker Cyrano Devanthey. The 60 seconds tourbillon, designed exclusively for the case of the Cyborg model, is the first chapter of future super movements from their workshop.


ew watch brand Emera is the result of the collaboration and hard work of two watchmaking professionals: designer Patrick Freiburghaus and watchmaker Cyrano Devanthey.

“We create timepieces without concessions and go to the limits of the possibilities of today in terms of aesthetics and manufacturing,” they state. “The 60 seconds tourbillon, designed exclusively for the case of the Cyborg model is the first chapter of future super movements from our workshop.”

The innovative aesthetics and architecture of the movement are the fruit of the close collaboration between the designer and the watchmaker. This “engine” is machined with extreme precision and the decorations are applied by hand. The movement provides a power reserve of 44 hours and is composed of 177 individual components. Its heart beats at a frequency of 4 Hz / 28’800 vibrations per hour.

Its geometry is designed exclusively to fit the case of the Cyborg Exoskeleton watch. Just in this way the perfect match between the shape of the case and the lines of the movement could be achieved. The uniqueness of the case is going hand in hand with the custom-engineered movement.

Emera Cyborg: the birth of a new kind of brand

Audacity and watchmaking tradition in the same timepiece is what Emera offers with its new creation. The Cyborg timepiece is an ode to the future with a remarkable design. Each fraction is in balance with the whole design. The aesthetics and shapes open new paths in watchmaking. The unconventional dial which offers a constellation of novelties does not show the movement, even if there is nothing to be hidden in the in-house tourbillon movement.

The dial is composed of 40 carbon scales with a thickness of just 0.30 mm. The “Reptile Gold” carbon composite design is inspired by the captivating patterns found on exotic snakes. The carbon fiber also contains bronze particles which enhance the sparkling and shimmering characteristics of the material. Besides the known qualities of carbon fiber like lightweight, strength, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability, it offers a unique pattern. Like snowflakes, no scale is identical to one another. This uniqueness of each scale makes every watch an individual piece and gives the timepiece its mechanical and animalic look at the same time.

Emera Cyborg: the birth of a new kind of brand

All case and movement components are engineered and manufactured in Switzerland. The assembly takes place in the brand’s workshop to assure the highest quality. The case is equipped with two sapphire crystals. The second sapphire crystal located at 6 o’clock allows technically minded individuals to observe the fascinating tourbillon from a different angle. The hypercar-inspired case-back is an attraction of its own with the shapes that remind vent openings for the engine. The engine underneath, the in-house tourbillon movement, is protected from its environment by a titanium case. Great care is taken for the decoration of every single component, even if not visible.

Designed to be comfortable on the wrist, the pin buckle has an aerodynamic shape where soft and aggressive lines are combined. The case and the buckle are made from Grade 5 Titanium. The alternation between polished, bead-blasted, and satin-finished surfaces enhances the complex details of the design.

“For every component, we took special care of the details. Not only at the time of manufacturing but also before that,” the creators conclude. “Even the raw material for the sapphire crystal is made in Switzerland. In our quest to work with the best specialist in their field, the bracelet is made by a leather-good workshop in Paris with a long tradition, where the knowledge is inherited from father to son for many generations.”


  • Movement: Ref. MRA 01 / In-house, Mechanical, automatic winding
  • Functions: Hours, Minutes, Flying Tourbillon Sixty Seconds
  • Tourbillon cage Including balance wheel and escapement 0.35 grams / 51 components
  • Components: 177
  • Jewels / bearings: 19 / 2 (with seven ceramic spheres each)
  • Frequency: 4 Hz (28’800 vibrations per hour)
  • Power reserve: 44 hours
  • Dial: 40 carbon scales, Rose gold plated (5N) and Ruthenium, Atomic layer deposition colors
  • Hands: Rose gold plated (5N) Sapphire crystals (2)
  • Case: Titanium grade 5
  • Dimensions: 46.80 x 56.60 mm 15.90 mm
  • Strap: Black Technical Fabric
  • Clasp: Pink-buckle in titanium grade 5
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM
  • Serie: Ultra-limited series of 9 pieces / 100% Swiss made

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