Ressence TYPE 1° Round

April 2023

Ressence TYPE 1° Round

Ressence has unveiled the TYPE 1° Round, featuring a strikingly smooth design. It perpetuates the brand’s minimalistic incarnation of time, featuring revolving discs that display time in a bi-dimensional format with truly ergonomic design.


e-inventing 21st century fine watchmaking requires re-thinking when it comes to the relationship one has with watches. A watch has an obvious functional role to play in our lives. But beyond that, it is emotional. The new TYPE 1° Round perpetuates Ressence’s minimalistic incarnation of time, featuring revolving discs that display time in a bi-dimensional format with truly ergonomic design.

As with all Ressence watches, the TYPE 1° Round aims to create a meaningful, emotional and tactile relationship between owner and watch. Ressence wants their users to love their watch. With this in mind, every detail of this new design has a reason for being and contributes to awaken the senses.

In its quest for the purest expression of time, the design aims to reaffirm the beauty of simple essential and sensual shapes. The sapphire crystal and case seamlessly merge in a simple minimalistic and pure radius. The iconic pebble design of the TYPE 3 meets the sleek design of the TYPE 1 and featuring its ROCS 1 module. The result is a watch with a satisfying tactile quality that will gently blend with any wrist and style, becoming a daily companion.

“The new TYPE 1° Round is the latest iteration of our relentless research into essential, meaningful design,” said Benoît Mintiens, Founder of Ressence. “This new watch feels in tune with Ressence’s design philosophy. Better design is less design, function must prevail.”

Ressence TYPE 1° Round

Beyond these case design improvements, the TYPE 1° Round introduces new details that make a big difference.

Night Blue: A new design calls for a new colour. The new Night Blue is dark and vivid, adding more depth to the visceral experience of time provided by the TYPE 1° Round. The sun rayed silver metallic discs emphasize the movement of the dial by provoking mesmerizing reflexions as time goes by.

Refined dial design: Beyond its new colour, the TYPE 1° Round dial has been graphically simplified with indexes every 10 minutes and a weekday dial that subtly unites the 2 non-working days of the week with a touch of colour. The Second and Weekday hands are larger for an improved reading.

Ressence TYPE 1° Round

As with all Ressence watches, when setting the time, the timepiece is simultaneously being wound. This is as intuitive as moving the hands on an old wall clock. The absence of a crown makes the watch comfortable for both left or right fit.

The TYPE 1° Round will be available worldwide in two finishes – Black and Night Blue - from June 2023 via Ressence’s official retailers network.

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