Horage Lensman 2 Exposure

May 2023

Horage Lensman 2 Exposure

Lensman 2 Exposure is a timepiece that reinvigorates the fascination one has with light in photography, as it breaks down barriers by simplifying the process for calculating a scene‘s exposure.


n entirely new function for the Horage watchmaking community was the goal and the Exposure function of Lensman 2 is the result. For new enthusiasts and photographic veterans alike understanding the settings required to arrive at a well-exposed image is paramount.

Lensman 2 Exposure is a timepiece that reinvigorates the fascination one has with light in photography, as it breaks down barriers by simplifying the process for calculating a scene‘s exposure. Function aside it‘s a timepiece that transitions genres and lifestyles of eras that has brought us to today. The Lensman 2 Exposure excites us all and enables us to understand more deeply the fascination of watchmaking with a nod to the innovations of photography.

Horage Lensman 2 Exposure


The Lensman 2 Exposure‘s bidirectional rotating bezel works as an exposure calculator, ranging from ISO (film speed) 25 to 12,800 and an aperture (f-stop) of f/1.4 to F/22. Both of these figures are highly visible for quick reference, while the lighting conditions (represented by icons) and shutter speed are engraved on an inner dial ring. The optimal shutter speeds and f-stops are revealed when the iso markings of the bezel are rotated to align with your current lighting conditions, thus helping you to calculate the optimal shutter speed and aperture for your camera‘s exposure. The watch is both form and function and provides an old-school, tried and true way to ensure proper exposure for film and manual digital cameras.

The dark theme of the Lensman 1, which paid homage to pro cameras that were often blacked out, continues with Lensman 2 in black albeit with two lighter dial colour options. Bright silver is reserved for the Brian Griffin special edition and the standard models are offered in either yellow or black. The dials are technically stunning, however, the real show-stopper is the bezel that doubles as an exposure calculator.

The functions in combination with the movement are a first of their kind. The Lensman 2 Exposure delivers a bidirectional exposure calculator bezel and a 24-hour GMT functionality powered by Horage’s K2 micro-rotor movement. A timepiece that visually and functionally reinvents the definition of what a true modern-day tool watch can be. Whether you are a complete novice, a photographic veteran or simply someone that appreciates the marriage of form and function Lensman 2 Exposure delivers in spades.

Horage Lensman 2 Exposure


The engineering required for the case resulted in Horage taking the entire production in-house at their new partner facility Paoluzzo Ag located in their hometown of Biel/ Bienne Switzerland. To achieve the hybrid bi-metallic exo-skeleton case Horage utilized an innovative dual material construction consisting of an outer case of Grade 5 titanium and an inner case made from black anodized aluminum, highlighting two premium, but lesser used materials. The result is a watch that takes on a geometry all of its own.

The matte anodized black aluminum is framed by a highly polished Grade 5 titanium resulting in a look that bridges high horology with the iconic design attributes of medium-format cameras. The low profile and lightweight materials result in a watch that wears incredibly well.

Horage Lensman 2 Exposure


The K2 micro-rotor movement from Horage‘s Supersede watch has been reworked to accommodate the new 24-hour GMT function of Lensman 2 Exposure. The GMT hand has a sizable aperture filled with white X1 Super-LumiNova®, while the movement allows you to make adjustment in one-hour increments that are independent of the main hands. The hour and minute hand design is a new direction for Horage with their diamond cut square tip finish accompanied by white X1 Super- LumiNova® inserts. The second-hand contrasts well in white without lume.

Step back and the dial looks like it belongs on the top plate of a pro-SLR camera, but look closer and you have a multi-functional watch that’s a modern nomad‘s dream. Surrounding the perimeter of the inner dial are Arabic numerals for the 24-hour time of the GMT hand, which is framed by a detailed minute/seconds track with X1 Super-LumiNova® marks every hour. An oversized, signed titanium crown makes time setting and winding the movement a breeze.


Horage‘s all-new modular K2 micro-rotor powers the watch and is chronometer COSC-certified (-4/+6 seconds per day). The calibre is on full display through the AR sapphire case back, which is surrounded by the textured matte black aluminum.

The movement has been reworked with a 24-hour GMT module and like its predecessor is beautifully decorated in galvanic black with Horage‘s signature grid pattern and Côtes de Genève, the micro-rotor is positioned at the right with the balance wheel and full silicon escapement exposed underneath. The rotor is available in rhodium-plated tungsten or PT950 platinum as found in the limited edition Brian Griffin model. In addition, the K2 calibre keeps pace with a full non- magnetic silicon escapement inclusive of silicon hairspring, anchor and escape wheel.

Horage is one of a small handful of independent brands that utilize a silicon hairspring, escape wheel and anchor in conjunction with all design and engineering of their movements happening in-house. Engraved on the case back‘s outer ring is a photographer’s slogan, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” On the special edition is a quote from Brian Griffin, “Believe in your light.“

Horage Lensman 2 Exposure

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