Byrne Watch presents the Zero Pink Gold and its diamond-set limited edition

September 2023

Byrne Watch presents the Zero Pink Gold and its diamond-set limited edition

A year after debuting the brand with the Gyro Dial concept, independent watchmaker Byrne Watch introduces a rose gold version to the Zero model. A blend of sophistication and industrial aesthetic, the Gyro Dial Zero Pink Gold also comes in a limited edition set with diamonds.


yro Dial Zero: the starting point for the creation of the Byrne Watch brand.

A vision, a movement, a playfully singular animation, so simple in appearance, and yet..complicated to develop – and never before seen in watchmaking.

Byrne Watch was launched just over a year ago at Geneva Watch Days 2022. Since then, major retailers in Japan, the US, Canada and France have recognised in this watch and in the brand, all the attributes of a creative, dynamic, agile and vibrant independent watchmaker.

The Byrne Watch team – headed by John Byrne, the passionate creator, and Claire Byrne, the company’s CEO, at his side – has a long-term vision, with their unique concept as a common thread: a watch that changes its dial every day.

Every day, at midnight or noon as the wearer wishes, in a flash the dial’s four cardinal indexes – four pivoting cuboids at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock – reveal a different face, transforming the whole appearance of the watch.

The Byrne Gyro Dial gives one the feeling of wearing a different watch every day, and to change the dial anytime, in an instant. Hence the brand’s motto: “One watch, four faces."

Just one year after the brand’s inception, Byrne Watch is pleased to present the Zero model in a new, stunning version in pink gold, the precious metal’s silky sparkling effect contrasting with the watch’s industrial aesthetic.

True to its unique original watch concept, the Zero Pink Gold changes its dial every day, at midnight or noon, as the four cardinal indexes at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock pivot in a flash to reveal a different face, transforming the appearance of the whole in the spirit of the brand’s motto.

Sleek and elegant at the same time, the watch profoundly embodies the brand’s values, presenting all the essential assets of a Byrne watch, combining elegant design and singular complication, legibility, precision, reliability and craftsmanship.

Beneath its deceptively simple appearance, the singularity and originality of its dial married with a pink gold case opens up a fresh perspective on creative freedom, a new and even more refined space for expression. It is not just about being ‘different’. On the contrary: it is about revealing a new angle of sophistication in a strong, distinctive concept that is already instantly recognizable.

So much is about contrasts, levels and reliefs that play on shadows and reflections. The Gyro Dial Zero movement is exposed, becoming the dial of the watch. Here, the caliber gleams in multiple variations of grey, spotlighting certain components while offering a compelling contrast with the rose gold of the case and the pivoting cardinal indexes.

Byrne Watch presents the Zero Pink Gold and its diamond-set limited edition

With its bridges, screws, plate, pivoting cuboids treated with 5N rose gold, the Gyro Dial Zero Pink Gold opens the ideal of beauty to interpretation and gives the wearer a full, rich view of a magnificent mechanism whose every stage of design and manufacture adheres to the strictest codes of craftsmanship.

The juxtaposition of sandblasted and polished finishes; the contrast between the edgy rendering of the ‘Sport’ numerals and the silky allure of rose gold; the bezel whose hollowing represented an yet another machining challenge; the crown, as always engraved with the number 1, like the starting point of the brand’s inception.

As the watch’s design emphasises lightness when worn, the weight of 18K the rose gold case is compensated with a titanium case back to reduce overall heft. Weighing in at just 60 grams, the eroPink Gold’s two-tone look reinforces alluring contrasts and makes the lightness of the watch seem all the more surprising.

The movement’s industrial ‘openwork’ message finds itself not only perfectly complemented but also amplified with rose gold. The four cuboids, the centrepiece of the complication, are made of 5N rose gold, as are the hands.

Last but not least, the watch is fitted with a black “ballistic grained” rubber strap with – a first for Byrne Watch – a folding clasp, adding to the distinctive sophistication of the whole.

At the heart of Byrne Watch’s approach: always and forever a focus on aesthetics, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, in a refined, resolutely contemporary style, with utmost attention to every detail.

Every morning, or anytime for that matter, you can choose from four different face styles on one watch. The faces of the cardinal indexes will show Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, no numerals, or, in the ‘Sport’ mode, display a favourite jersey number – all enhanced with Super-LumiNova.

With this complex movement, Byrne Watch has created an innovative watch whose dial essentially expresses a new mood every day, either automatically at midnight or noon, or whenever the wearer chooses – the Gyro Dial Zero’s four cardinal indexes are in fact pivoting cuboids whose faces change in a flash to reveal a completely different dial.

Created and refined under the impetus of its creator, John Byrne, this patented animation complication is the culmination of three years of research and development in Fleurier in the Swiss Jura Mountains, the cradle of the Alpine republic’s watchmaking industry.

Inside the Gyro Dial Zero, a completely redesigned Caliber 5555. The hand-finished movement-dial presents a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

By exposing the movement, John Byrne conveys a modern message, showing that inventiveness in watchmaking doesn’t exclusively call for a skeletonised movement.

Taking the concept yet another step further and shining a new light on the original vision John Byrne had of his dream watch over five years ago: here we are today with the hyper-customisation of the Zero Pink Gold.

The Zero Pink Gold Diamond – a limited edition of only 10 pieces. Here, the four faces of the cardinal indices on the rose gold watch in turn show sides set with forty black diamonds in a triangular motif, with forty white diamonds in a triangular motif, with ‘Sport’ numerals, and one side with no numerals or symbols – ‘Ghost’ mode. At the core of the gem-setting mastery required for this creation we find unprecedented precision and detail. Indeed, the degree of meticulous care required in positioning each stone is difficult to imagine, a patient process towards perfection where even the slightest deviation would inevitably impact the harmony of the whole – and cause the master craftsperson to start again.

Restrained and refined by day, precious and sparkling by night, the Zero Pink Gold ‘Diamonds’ is a watch with multiple personalities.


Reference Gyro Dial Zero Pink Gold

Hours, minutes
Rotating indices, instantaneous shift at noon/midnight or on demand

Material: 18K 5N rose cold; caseback in titanium; made in Locle, Switzerland
Diameter: 41.7mm x 48.1mm
Thickness: 14.45mm
Finishes: by hand, satin and polished
Crystal: Front - Sapphire box, anti-reflective coating | Back - Sapphire box, anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 5 ATM, equivalent to 50 meters
Crown: Screw-down, engraved with the numeral ‘1’

Dial-less design with exposed Gyro Dial movement;
black rhodium plate;
index cuboids in 5N gold with 4 faces: ‘Sport’, Roman numerals and Arab numerals enhanced with black/white Super-LumiNova, and one ‘Ghost’ face (no symbols/numerals).

Caliber: Suisse, developed in Fleurier Switzerland with LTM 5555, mechanical self-winding,
Finishes: Black rhodium-treated plate, satin-brushed and rhodium-treated bridges, offset Côtes de Genève, chamfering and finishing by hand
Components: 261
Jewels: 42
Diameter : 30.00 mm
Height: 9.90 mm
Power reserve: 60 hours
Frequency: 4 Hz/28,800 vph

Ballistic rubber with integrated curved inserts, Manufacture Jean Rousseau.

Steel folding clasp
Plated in 18K 5N gold, Manufacture Boucledor.

Warranty: 3 years

Retail price (excl. VAT): 36,500 EUR / 35,000 CHF / 37,500 USD

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