Introducing Senso, Pininfarina’s first hybrid smartwatch collection by Globics

September 2023

Introducing Senso, Pininfarina's first hybrid smartwatch collection by Globics

Senso Hybrid from Pininfarina is the premier collection created by smartwatch technology provider Globics Technology under a newly-formed brand licensing agreement. Senso bridges classic analogue timepieces and timeless aesthetics with state-of-the-art contemporary technology, for an experience like no other.


aking inspiration from Pininfarina’s iconic brand legacy spanning over 93 years, including its groundbreaking designs for some of the most iconic supercars, Senso is the premier collection under the newly-formed brand licensing agreement between Pininfarina and smartwatch technology pioneers Globics Technology. Senso, a collection of hybrid smart watches created by the specialist in the field, Globics, to celebrate the iconic brand legacy of Pininfarina, balances elegant designs with cutting-edge technology, featuring a timeless dial-and-hands aesthetic that integrates advanced tools to help you move through the world.

The Senso collection is crafted with a selection of luxurious materials and curated for performance, including SUS 316 stainless steel case and bezel alongside sapphire crystal glass, and is water-resistant to 5ATM standards (depths up to 50 meters).

Introducing Senso, Pininfarina's first hybrid smartwatch collection by Globics

Beneath its refined surface lies a technological heartbeat, a world of innovation and thoughtful features. Remarkably, this powerhouse can track vital signs for up to an entire month on just a 60-minute charge. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, it empowers users to comprehensively manage various aspects of their lives, from health and wellness, to training and beyond.

HEALTH: accurately trace heart rate zones, variability (HRV), and generate electrocardiograph (ECG) readings. Sensors detect breathing disturbances through oxygen levels (SPO2).

WELLNESS: Senso functions as a personal health monitor, enhancing your internal power. It’s equipped with a stress monitor to manage strain and wellness reminders to promote activity and hydration.

SLEEP: Offering precise sleep monitoring, Senso derives an accurate sleep score out of 100%, aiding users in enhancing sleep depth and efficiency.

TRAINING: Efficiently track steps, distance and calories burned, along with activity tracking for optimized workouts. With various sports modes, it aids in improving performance.

FUNCTIONALITY: Discreet notifications offer quick health stats as well as text and phone call alerts. GPS compass determines global location, and Bluetooth remote effortlessly controls devices.

Introducing Senso, Pininfarina's first hybrid smartwatch collection by Globics

All of Senso’s sensors seamlessly sync with the Pininfarina Hybrid Watches Companion App, a proprietary application crafted by Globics Technology for both Android and iOS. The app analyzes and calibrates individual data over time, delivering tailored recommendations.

Senso Hybrid is available in four colorways: Slate Grey, Sunburst Rose Gold, Moonlight Silver and Mercure Grey. Each watch is fitted with a genuine Italian leather strap and quick release pin mechanism.

“We are proud to enter in the hybrid smartwatch world through a brand licensing agreement with Globics” said Fabio Calorio, Head of UX and ID Sales and Global Brand Extension at Pininfarina. “Globics has perfectly interpreted our heritage mixing it with state of the art technology, creat- ing a beautiful and innovative collection of hybrid watches, nicely representing our brand values”.

Introducing Senso, Pininfarina's first hybrid smartwatch collection by Globics

Loewe Lee, Managing Director of Globics Technology stated, “Timeless form meets innovative function: the Senso collection will set the benchmark in the hybrid smartwatch world. As the first collection celebrating the renowned Pininfarina legacy and brand, our watch’s elegant designs coupled with the latest in smart watch technology will showcase our vision for the next generation of timepieces.”

Heritage and innovation meets style and sophistication. By seeking balance in every sphere – analogue and digital, health and wellness – the Senso hybrid smartwatch collection embodies technology that elevates each world beyond the expected to empower your lifestyle.

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