Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date honoured at the Temporis Awards

November 2023

Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date honoured at the Temporis Awards

The recently unveiled flying tourbillon housed in a tonneau case made of Titanium-Dust-High-Density carbon has been named the “Best Start-Up Watch” at the Temporis International Awards gala, highlighting the brand’s commitment to excellence in the world of high horology.


ianchet’s recent entry into the world of watchmaking was celebrated in Zürich in October, during the 10th edition of the Temporis International Awards, where the winners were announced to an audience of key industry executives, celebrated watchmakers, and ardent watch aficionados in a celebration of craftsmanship and innovation.

Seizing the spotlights as “Best Start-Up Watch” was Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date, which was recently unveiled at the Geneva Watch Days in August. It was selected by the Temporis expert jury, composed of leading figures in the watchmaking world, including Kari Voutilainen, Philippe Dufour, Romain Gauthier, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, and Dan Vardie, as well as a panel of expert watch journalists from around the world, who particularly appreciated its exquisite design, technical innovation, and the flawless execution of traditional watchmaking techniques.

Dedicated to recognising those who push the creative boundaries of haute horlogerie, the Awards committee began in 2022 the “Best Start-Up Watch” category, which dedicates to the creations of newly established watch brands that have been operating for a minimum of five consecutive years. The jury studies the brand’s horological submissions as well as its presence on the market, its distribution and after-sales service commitment.

The voting process also incorporated the opinions of an international public of watch aficionados from 70 countries, who joined the jury in the final selection of winners across 13 distinct watch categories, uniting a discerning and enthusiastic audience bound by their shared passion for horology and a deep appreciation for authentic watch brands.

Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date honoured at the Temporis Awards

One of Bianchet’s crowning achievements lies in the in-house creation of its proprietary flying tourbillon movement, meticulously crafted from titanium, finished by hand, and assembled in the company’s workshop in La-Chaux-de-Fonds. The movement development and the case were both guided by age-old construction principles founded on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, bringing a sense of harmony and ageless design to the heart of this ultra-modern watch.

“We are profoundly honoured to be named ’Best Start-Up Watch’ by the Temporis International Watchmaking Awards. This award recognises the passion and dedication we invest in creating exceptional timepieces. Our ’Flying Tourbillon Grande Date’ symbolises our modern spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of watchmaking design and micromechanics.” said Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, CEO and Founder of Bianchet.

Boasting a gravity-defying flying tourbillon in titanium, and a skeletonised large date complication, both housed in a sleek tonneau case made of Titanium-Dust-High-Density carbon, Bianchet’s award-winning “Flying Tourbillon Grande Date” is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of beauty and style, blending ancient design principles with cutting-edge watchmaking techniques.

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