Awake channels nature’s beauty in the Summertria collection

December 2023

Awake channels nature's beauty in the Summertria collection

The collection reproduces, as faithfully as possible, the perfection and beauty of the symmetries found in nature. Inspired by the heart of a sunflower, the dial features fine guilloché detailing with motifs and contrasts, available in four colours, each limited to 50 pieces.


raphic and colourful, the Summetria collection - meaning “The Right Measure” in Greek - is inspired by the perfect symmetry of living things. Halfway between innovation and tradition, art and science, Summetria is a tribute to the beauty of the world and of nature, expressed through the age-old watchmaking technique of guilloché.

All the projects developed by Awake since its creation have a common goal: to raise awareness by reminding us of the beauty of the world. They have all been designed to reconnect us with the nature that surrounds us, to perceive and feel it’s bewitching beauty and perfect harmony, but also to appreciate its fragility and understand our responsibility to preserve it.

Summetria draws its inspiration from the careful observation of living things and their balanced, harmonious and perfectly symmetrical forms. The symmetry of life is a spectacle to be admired every day. From the wings of a butterfly to the petals of a flower, symmetry is everywhere. They seem quite natural to us and we don’t necessarily pay much attention to them, yet symmetries dominate the living world.

For human beings, certain forms observed in nature have a very complex architecture from an external point of view. In reality, and this is where the magic of living things lies, nature creates these bewitching and mysterious shapes in complete simplicity, following a logic of “just measure” that favours productivity while consuming little energy. The living world systematically adopts the best possible yield for optimum efficiency, with the aim of constantly filling and optimising space. The most complex and fascinating symmetrical structures therefore appear preferentially, partly as a result of natural selection, but also because they require less specific information to be encoded and therefore multiplied.

To try to reproduce as faithfully as possible the perfection and beauty of the symmetries found in nature, we have opted to use one of the oldest decorative techniques in watchmaking: the guilloché. This consists of engraving “guillochis” in a regular, symmetrical pattern on metal, either by hand or by machine.

Although the traditional method is still hand guilloché, the complexity of which reserves it for a category of top-of-the-range watches, other methods have also appeared over the course of the 20th century, leading to the mechanization and industrialisation of the technique, making it possible to produce a variety of highly elaborate, elegant and high-quality decorations, all at a fair price. Far more than a simple decoration, a guilloché dial is often a work of art in its own right, offering a unique and bewitching aesthetic that you could spend hours observing.

The Summetria collection features fine guilloché with motifs and contrasts inspired by the perfect symmetry of the sunflower heart, available in 4 powerful colours, giving each version a sophisticated, refined and unique character that immediately catches the eye of watch lovers and enthusiasts.


  • Case : Recycled titanium
  • Calibre: Automatic MIYOTA 9039 modified
  • Crown: Screw-down
  • Strap: Hand-made grey leather - ethically sourced
  • Glass: Anti-reflective sapphire
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Thickness: 11.89 mm
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Water resistance: 10 ATM

Watch description:

The hue chosen to sublimate the complex geometry of this dial is an evocation of the Art Deco period and the 1930s and 40s, when a similar color began to appear in watchmaking. Its intimately human tint, at once neutral and sophisticated, with metallic reflections, will vary subtly according to the light, giving this version a strong seductive power. The limited series number is subtly engraved in the inner ring.

A resolutely modern royal blue dial, which stands out from the wise and consensual blues often seen in watchmaking. The color lends a fresh, powerful and daring edge to this version, but is nonetheless easy to wear, while the applied hour-markers with their polished-satin finish add a luxurious and elegant touch. The limited series number is subtly engraved in the inner ring.

A highly legible black dial with deep, elegant and discreet contrasts, evoking the raw material in an almost architectural approach to contrasts with the light grey of the case. A graphic, urban and elegant version with a discreet and effective charm, to be worn in all circumstances. The limited series number is subtly engraved in the inner ring.

A Khaki shade associated with the Earth and Nature, evoking quiet strength and a spirit of adventure. A discreet color referring to forest landscapes and autumnal nuances, enhanced by applied hour-markers with polished-satin finishes that give the whole a powerful character. The limited series number is subtly engraved in the inner ring.

Used in the aeronautics and aerospace industries, our 70% recycled titanium offers performance strictly equivalent to that of virgin material, while significantly reducing its carbon impact. Summetria’s case is perfectly suited to all your life constraints. A genuine everyday tool watch, built to last.

Reliable and easy to maintain, the Japanese-made Miyota calibre has a 42-hour power reserve and beats at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The oscillating weight has been completely reworked, with particularly meticulous finishing - polished chamfers, micro-blasted and brushed alternations, deep markings - giving the whole a highly technical aesthetic.

The 4 versions of Summetria are fitted with a grey leather strap, tone-on-tone topstitched, mounted on a pin buckle, and handmade in Vietnam in an artisan workshop that pays great attention to quality and detail. The raw material used for your bracelet is certified as ethically and responsibly sourced.

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