The élégante’s by F.P.Journe celebrates 10th anniversary with Gino’s Dream

April 2024

The élégante's by F.P.Journe celebrates 10th anniversary with Gino's Dream

For the 10th anniversary of the élégante, François-Paul Journe unveils a retrospective of past models alongside this year’s special edition, ’Gino’s Dream’, in memory of his friend Serge Cukrowicz. This piece is more than an anniversary watch; it is a tribute to a man whose fervour left an indelible mark.


n 2014, after 8 years of research and development, F.P.Journe unveiled an innovative electromechanical movement, the Calibre 1210, which has the power to suspend time and restart it; the absolute dream of every watchmaker. After 35 minutes of immobility, the élégante goes into sleep mode to save energy. As soon as it is worn again, thanks to the motion detector at 4:30, it resets to the exact time by the shortest path, clockwise or anti-clockwise, providing an autonomy of 8 to 10 years in normal use and up to 18 years in standby mode.

In the world of watchmaking, certain names resonate with particular force. Serge Cukrowicz, co-founder of Montres Journe SA, known to everyone as Gino, was one of these figures. With a flamboyant clothing style, Gino favoured bright colours and outfits that stood out from the ordinary, always wearing his elegant look on a yellow bracelet. These choices reflected his approach to life, lively, colourful and full of passion. Surrounded by his wife Radhi, his children Gina and Dylan and his stepsons Shawn and Zane, he left us on May 6, 2021 in Singapore. Named in his memory, the élégante Gino’s Dream is a model directly inspired by his vibrant temperament.

With its 48 mm Flat Tortue® case in Titanium or Titalyt®, the élégante Gino’s Dream is adorned with a bezel set with 52 baguette-cut ceramic glass stones in rainbow hues. The creation of the Flat Tortue® shaped case, in either 40 mm or 48 mm, reflects the expertise of the Boîtiers de Genève, a manufacture belonging to F.P.Journe. It was first presented in Titanium, a material chosen for its lightness and resistance.


The Titalyt® version, recognisable by its anthracite colour, undergoes an electro-plasma oxidation treatment to assert its distinctiveness within the élégante by F.P.Journe collection. Some models, now in retrospective collections, have also been made in Gold or Platinum, sometimes even sublimated with diamonds and precious stones.

The dials, made by the Cadraniers de Genève, another manufacture owned by F.P.Journe, also play an important role in the visual identity of the élégante. The first version, still in the collection, has an entirely luminescent white centre, making it remarkably legible in the dark, recalling the shimmering surface of mother-of-pearl. In 2023, F.P.Journe introduced a black centre, also entirely luminescent, on the élégante 48 mm Titalyt®. Over the years, the dials have become more diversified, exploring materials such as sapphire and sometimes enriched with precious settings.


All the mechanical components of the Calibre 1210 are produced within the Manufacture F.P.Journe, in compliance with its strict quality and finishing criteria. As for the electronic part, it is designed in Switzerland and incorporates a microprocessor invented following unique specifications. As an added touch of refinement, the printed circuit tracks are gilded with rose Gold, a subtle reminder of the 18K rose Gold mechanical movements of the Classique collection.

The philosophy underlying the concept of the élégante is in line with the values of F.P.Journe: a balance between tradition and innovation. If the master watchmakers of the 18th century had had access to electronics, they would undoubtedly have used it to improve the precision of their instruments. In this spirit, François-Paul Journe has chosen to use modern technologies while respecting the codes of Haute Horlogerie. The movement of the élégante, with its cutting-edge components, symbolises this bridge between past and future.

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