Pirro wants to put Albania on the watchmaking map

July 2024

Pirro wants to put Albania on the watchmaking map

“Primordial Passion” is a timepiece that brings together nearly 30 years of experience in artistic crafts and the heritage of ancient Albanian culture from the jewellery house Pirro. Art meets innovation in this unique model, which aims to puts Albania on the map of high-end watchmaking.


rtistic Jewellery Pirro, founded by Mr. Pirro Ruco, is renowned for exquisite jewellery, medals, coin reliefs, figurines, miniature sculptures, and handmade filigree artworks. Meticulously designed and manufactured in-house, Pirro’s “Primordial Passion” represents everything that Pirro stands for: heritage, artisanal craftsmanship and precision.

This masterpiece, encapsulated under an anti-reflective sapphire crystal dome, features twelve Albanian folk dancers to mark the hours. They are all crafted in yellow 18K gold, representing twelve regions, each unique and diverse in their respective regional embroidery, reflected in the micro figurines through hyper-realism. Each figurine has been finely designed and engraved within a micron range of 9-10mm height, preserving the originality of sculptural artwork.

The central fix mechanical movement, resulting from the fruitful cooperation with Agenhor, enables the assembling of this composition. Beneath the black onyx Pirro emblem, four instrumentalists in 18K gold are seated within the black gold eagle sculpture. Another notable characteristic is the bi-color hour hands in black and yellow 18K gold, shaped like eagle claws, indicating the hours and minutes.

Pirro wants to put Albania on the watchmaking map

The watchcase, crafted from 18K yellow gold, measures 46.5mm in diameter and 22mm in height, including the sapphire crystal dome.

The dial composed of a diverse artistic micro-mosaic in a red-black gradient of Murano glass stones, consisting of 1500 stones in eight different colors and 64 cuts, the smallest measuring only 0.2mm.

The gradient and brand texture are adjusted accordingly to their shades to indicate the hours. The fine gold geometric pattern on the dial, confining the micro-mosaic stones, forms the Pirro brand motif.

Pirro wants to put Albania on the watchmaking map

Thanks to the state-of-the-art Swiss technological advancements and investments, the creativity of the timepiece is preserved through the precise artistic execution of the watch case and back cover. The back cover reflects the illustrated scene with the folk dancers engraved in micro-relief.

“Primordial Passion” breathes life into art, history, and tradition through its superb design and high-tech craftsmanship. It is a testament to the love, values, and passion behind every detail, making it a unique and exceptional piece.

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