Europa Star TIME.BUSINESS / TIME.KEEPER - contents Chapter 4/17, Global edition

Europa Star TIME.BUSINESS / TIME.KEEPER - contents Chapter 4/17, Global edition
Europa Star WorldWatchWeb, 6 October 2017   


EDITORIAL - Of bricks and paper, clicks and storms


  • Introduction


  • Getting future watch distribution right – The fate of an industry
  • Coming soon: brick-and-click watch retailing
  • Business climate, competition and the digital future
  • The impenetrable jungle of e-commerce

ITALY - “we’re multi-brand and we still firmly believe in that model”


  • The “doors” concept
  • “why would the customer want to buy this product from me?”
  • “Reinventing yourself as a concept watch store”
  • “Retailers must transform themselves into showrooms”
  • Points of sale online engagement in 2017

GERMANY - “We’re creating a garden of tranquillity in contrast with the digital jungle

JAPAN - “Seeing with their own eyes”

AUSTRALIA - “Brands must limit production, control supply and stabilise pricing”

SPAIN - “A service company, not a supermarket”

PORTUGAL - “Consumers are looking for an experience, online or offline”

NETHERLANDS - “We believe in the strength of omnichannel”


  • “The clients’ desire for pre-owned timepieces”
  • “How can brands operate in the secondary market?”

UK - “A more direct distribution structure needs to happen”

SWISS BRAIN VS SWISS MADE - “The ‘Swiss-made’ label does not defend Swiss values and expertise.”

MAURICE LACROIX - Back to basics

FREELY SPEAKING - Who’s wearing what

WATCHWORDS - From retail to etail

A LAST WORD TO START - The Last of The Mohicans - the outrage of a small retailer.


COVER HIGHLIGHT - URWERK is 20 years old!

EDITORIAL - Automation and calculation

TURNING POINT - Julien Tornare, the twelve labours of ZENITH

REVOLUTION - Mechanical watchmaking leaves Huygens with Guy Sémon

PORTFOLIO - The horological Noah’s Ark


  • PATEK PHILIPPE grabs the Big Apple 
  • CARTIER - A century of design


  • URBAN JURGENSEN Reference 1142 - Uncompromising craftsmanship
  • ZRC 1964 Spirit

COLLECTOR - Alfredo Paramico: ‘There’s no vintage bubble’

HISTORY - Watches, arms and spits


  • TISSOT– Automatic for the people
  • Teardown TISSOT Swissmatic
  • The battle for the heart of the watch

CROWDFUNDING - The “baby” brands of Kickstarter

ARCHIVES - The internet of the 1930’s.

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Europa Star PREMIÈRE (Français)


EDITO - A propos de briques, de papier, de clicks et de vent


  • Témoignages de détaillants
  • L’activité digitale des points de vente horlogers en Suisse en 2017

INDUSTRIE - L’automatisation et l’équation


  • Guy Sémon – Avec la Zenith Defy Lab l’horlogerie mécanique quitte Huygens
  • Julien Tornare, les douze travaux de Zenith


  •  Tissot, l’automatique du peuple
  • Désosser la «génialement rudimentaire» Swissmatic

GRAND PRIX DE L’HORLOGERIE DE GENÈVE 2017 - Les 72 montres nominées

SUIVI - Maurice lacroix, la fin du grand écart

CULTURE HORLOGÈRE - Des liens inattendus entre la montre …le détonateur …et le tournebroche

VINTAGE - Vous avez dit vintage?

COLLECTION - Alfredo Paramico «Il n’y a pas de bulle du vintage»

CARTE BLANCHE - Parler / Écouter, unE exposition de pièces de céramique monumentales au Musée de l’Ariana

L’OBJET - Søren Henrichsen, Sobre Coucou

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