The Watch Files #5 - The Accutron


April 2021

The Watch Files #5 - The Accutron

Join Serge Maillard, Publisher & CEO of Europa Star, and Stephen Foskett, Publisher of Grail Watch, to discover the stories of the events that changed the horology industry.


n October 25, 1960, American company Bulova introduced the most advanced watch ever made. The Accutron used a tuning fork oscillating 60 times faster than a normal watch thanks to electronic components and a battery. This space-age watch shifted the balance of watchmaking power to America, but it was the brainchild of a Swiss engineer who soon returned home. Max Hetzel’s work disrupted the entire industry and kicked off the race to build a quartz watch.

#5 How the Bulova Accutron Disrupted the Swiss Watch Industry. Listen now:

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