Fade to gray: The new Slim d’Hermès GMT

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March 2018

Fade to gray: The new Slim d'Hermès GMT

Making the most of a monochromatic look, the slim travel watch features a palladium case and slate grey dial, resulting in one of the more modern and elegant GMT watches around.

No need to adjust your screens - the new Slim d’Hermès GMT is a well crafted timepiece that is presented in grayscale.

With no colours popping off the dial to grab our attention, the design and layout of the watch take centre stage. And when it’s all said and done, the French brand has not disappointed.

The latest addition to the Slim d’Hermès line – which was only introduced in 2015 – is all about simplicity and aesthetic balance.

The new Slim d'Hermès GMT
The new Slim d’Hermès GMT

The base DNA of the watch is undeniably classic, as shown by the elegant dial and slim case. Made from palladium - a rare, robust and light metal in the platinum-group - the case measures a very modest 39.5mm across.

More importantly, the case is also rather thin, which is not always easy when integrating a GMT module in a watch. This particular example measures in at 9.48 mm in height, allowing for a very low profile on the wrist.

The watch sports a slim 39.5mm dial
The watch sports a slim 39.5mm dial

Its slender look is made possible by the ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 movement that beats within. Measuring just 2.6mm thick, it is combined with an equally thin 1.4 mm GMT module exclusively developed by Agenhor for the French brand.

The finely decorated movement is equipped with a micro-rotor that drives a dual-time reading, complete with two day/night indicators for home time and travel time. The time in a given destination is adjusted simply through a dedicated pushbutton.

The modern dial of the Slim d'Hermès GMT
The modern dial of the Slim d’Hermès GMT

At the same time, this is also a very modern watch. Its very legible dial is defined by asymmetrically placed subdials that add to it variable texture. The modern look is helped by the fact that Philippe Apeloig developed an original and modern font for the numerals of the watch.

Fine details include the sunburst chapter ring, guilloché centre and date counter, along with a silver-toned counter that appears to be sprinkled with numerals that indicate the time in a second time zone.

Fade to gray: The new Slim d'Hermès GMT

The watch is paired with a matt graphite alligator strap, crafted nowhere else but in the Hermès leather workshops. All that makes this one of the most elegant and chic travel watches out on the market today. It’s just a shame that it will only be released in a limited edition of 90 pieces.