Beauregard unveils Lili


June 2020

Beauregard unveils Lili

Pursuing the tradition of capturing and reinterpreting the elegance of the world’s flowers, Beauregard is proud to unveil Lili, the latest creation in their ever-growing portfolio of head-turning designs. A miniature garden of hand polished precious stones, the ravishing jewellery.


he delicate Lili cocktail watch is a feast to the eyes with its 33 natural stone petals in Turquoise, Opal and a myriad of fine stones, each carefully sculpted and polished by hand before being adjusted by a master jeweller whether in its gold and diamonds collection, or in the sleek steel configuration. For those who believe watches should tell more than time, Lili is a work of art bound to resonate with the soul.

Beauregard unveils Lili

Founded by Montreal-born Alexandre Beauregard, the Swiss brand first took the industry by surprise with its DAHLIA collection, offering the unique combination of a central flying tourbillon framed in uniquely petal-shaped natural stones, now part of the brand DNA.

Unequivocally distinctive. Undeniably stunning. Unquestionably precious. However they may be described, Beauregard watches are fashioned to dazzle free-spirited women, and exudes the maverick spirit of its founder in every detail.

Beauregard unveils Lili
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