Swatch SISTEM51 Bioreloaded models


December 2020

Swatch SISTEM51 Bioreloaded models

It’s a first: recently introduced bio-sourced materials, extracted from the seed of the castor plant, now make their debut in the brand’s mechanical SISTEM51 line – a great engineering achievement.


n 2013, the Swatch SISTEM51 incorporated the first mechanical movement with a fully automated assembly process, causing a true sensation in the industry. This automatic watch is made from just 51 components – like the original Swatch watches – held together by a single screw.

Swatch SISTEM51 Bioreloaded models

Last September, Swatch added a further highlight to its colourful brand history, replacing all the conventional materials with biosourced materials, and premiering the “Bioreloaded” concept.

Seven years ago, Swatch’s SISTEM51 changed the course of horological engineering by introducing the first mechanical movement with a fully automated assembly process. The line now features bio-sourced materials, as part of an ambitious new programme from the brand.

With the introduction of Sistem51 Bioreloaded timepieces, both of these innovations come together. The famed mechanical watches are now made from materials sourced from nature. A new step forward!

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