Introducing Pierre DeRoche’s GrandCliff Annual Calendar

June 2022

Introducing Pierre DeRoche's GrandCliff Annual Calendar

Dubois Dépraz and Pierre DeRoche have pooled their know-how to revisit the annual calendar complication, with added refinement.


anked among the so-called useful or practical complications, the annual cal-endar is one of the iconic sophistications of watchmaking. It is also one that introduces a touch of magic, simplifying everyday life. By developing in parallel its gentlemen’s and ladies’ versions of the complication, Pierre DeRoche set out to restore its full prestige.

“When I was a kid, my grandfather taught me that to remember the months with 30 and 31 days, I only had to look at the troughs and ridges on the backs of my hands. It was from this simple answer to a complex question that the idea for the GrandCliff Annual Calendar was born, to round off the brand’s collection,” recalls the co-founder of Pierre DeRoche, Carole Dubois.

Introducing Pierre DeRoche's GrandCliff Annual Calendar

Equipped with a Dubois Dépraz module, the 41 mm GrandCliff Annual Calendar and GrandCliff Milady Annual Calendar boast quick date correction via the crown, and quick month correction via a corrector.

True to the aesthetic codes of GrandCliff, the new models maintain, in a slightly slimmed-down diameter, the perfect poise and elegance of the series.

Price: GrandCliff Annual Calendar: CHF 8,700 / GrandCliff Milady Annual Calendar: CHF 11,800


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