Circular C ID Genève x Comppair: regenerative carbon


October 2023

Circular C ID Genève x Comppair: regenerative carbon

The dial, side decorations and bezel of this new timepiece are made from 100% recycled carbon fibres sourced from wind turbine manufacturing waste.


egenerative CarbonTM is a new material produced by Swiss company CompPair. This carbon composite returns to its original as-new condition after being heated a minute. Together with ID Genève, CompPair has taken its technology one step further by combining it with recycled carbon fibers, which saves on usage of natural resources and energy. This reduces the carbon footprint by 88%, as well as enabling ultra-fast repair.

This first LAB edition of Circular C is limited to 20 pieces. At 12 o’clock, the logo of CompPair stands proudly: it’s the first time that an ID Genève watch, as a platform for new initiatives in the circular economy, has worn the logo of another company.

Design-wise, the irregular arrangement of recycled fibers in the mold gives a granular appearance. The design breaks away from the linear mode of carbon consumption to date and aims to echo the upcycled materials that are brought back to life after use.

A new cycle is starting… in perpetuity.

Price: CHF 5,190


Circular C ID Genève x Comppair: regenerative carbon

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